One of the most important things we can do is try to discover healthy way to be ourselves and to relate to others; a way that replaces harshness with compassion, avoidance with directness, and fear with faith.

Here are 4 ways you can achieve that today:


Allow life to be a game.

A dance.

A mystery.

Life has this way of playing tricks on us, not to be cruel or derisive, but to bring energy and curiosity to our time here.

To allow us to seek meaning and purpose in our days.

If we already knew everything that life has to offer, what would we be doing here?

It is very fortunate for us that life is a trickster, because some of the most precious things in life go quite against logic: falling in love, having children, quitting jobs, starting businesses, and turning our biggest fears into our greatest opportunities.

The game is what life does to get us involved.

It’s how we learn, how we gain appreciation for it, how we stay entertained and on our toes.

Play along, because it’s not the kind of game that has a winner or a loser. It is the kind of game that is meant to be played for it’s own sake.

Let things not always make sense, because a bit of confusion is often what happens when you are the cusp of something very interesting.

Let yourself not know what is going to happen.

Let yourself fall into something just because it is calling to you.

Let yourself love tenderly even though you know you could lose it all.

Open your heart to the mysteries out there.
Then see what happens.

No matter what happens, you will be okay.

You are resilient and creative.

Life, the Trickster, is here to have fun.

Laugh at it sometimes. often.

It wants to help you, by getting you to play along.

Just let it do its thing, and see what happens.

Enjoy it.

See where the trick takes you.

Let the fire burn.

Listen closely, but don’t worry about getting it all right.

Life is a game. Don’t be afraid to play along.


The foundation you can create for a healthy relationship is a healthy sense of self.

Tend carefully to your own inner home space.

If you want to be happy with the people you love, be sure to attend to the room within your own heart first.

Our lives are the constant flux between self and togetherness.

Allow yourself the privilege and the right of an inner sanctuary that is all your own.

Don’t be afraid of your need to go within during the stormy moments.

In these times, it is important to protect your innermost fire from the winds of the outer world.

Listen to your instincts about when it is necessary to shut certain things out.

Be willing to be alone with yourself.

This will allow you to listen very carefully to what you need.

When you know you can meet your own basic needs, you become strong and courageous.

Because of this, relationships improve because you can be flexible and change with time and experience.

You can love another more fully because you know you can always return to that inner most place that is yours, and yours alone.

Only you are the authority of your own core.

Trust that.

Trust yourself.

Give yourself time to carve this out and get to know it.

Give it lots of time.

Allow yourself the space to discern what is truly worth your energy and time.

Your purpose in this world is not to serve the whims of outside forces.

It is to stand firm in yourself, so that you can relate with your whole, strong self.

When you know that your own foundation is strong and firm, you are more able to discern what areas you be soft and flexible around.

Strength = Flexibility.

Protect your inner fire.

You have a right to privacy and self-containment.

Get to know what that means for you, and how you can be strong in that.

This is how you can best serve the world.

By learning the formation of your adamant self.

You are the only one capable of knowing what you need.

The more you practice listening to your innermost parts, the more you can be truly present to another, and truly share a life with them.


While life can be a game, there are also matters that don’t feel fun at all.

That’s because they’re not.

There are gross and horrific occurrences in our world every day.

There are times when we are called to look truth straight in the eye and say “No.”

When this happens, it is best to just do it.

Gather the strength and support you need around you, and just be firm and straight with what must change.

Be brave, because there is no other option.

Face what must be faced.

It will be awful, and then it will be better.

But just do it.

Do it as soon as you are able to.

Get it over with.

Avoiding the truth will never heal it.

Be adamant and firm.

Know when you must stand taller and speak louder than everyone else in the room.

Be fierce.

Bring truth to the air around you.

Bring fire to your your own voice.

Stand up and be honest about what you know.


Here is the single-most influential thing I have ever done in my life:

Always, always, always, bring grace and compassion to yourself in everything you do.

Let it surround everything.

Let it be everything you do and say.

Compassion for every hurt or jaded part of yourself.

Compassion for every thing you do ‘wrong’.

Kindness in your interactions with others.

This will not always mean being nice.

It will sometimes mean being fierce and strong and clear.

Kindness is just another word for strength.

Let compassion flow like water around every little thing you do, or think, or feel.

Let it be everywhere, every minute of every day.

Speak to yourself in loving ways.

Touch your body tenderly.

Do things that communicate affection and appreciation for yourself.

Be so, so kind to yourself, much kinder than you think you ought to be.

Miracles happen when our deep and scarred parts start to feel safe and loved.

Watch what you say to yourself, how you treat yourself, what you give or deny yourself. 

Just be kind, and if you can’t be kind, try to watch yourself not being kind, and then be kind later.

Allowing yourself to just be who you are is kindness.


What lessons have you learned that help you be strong and happy?


Whitney Rhiannon Till

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