Never have enough time?

There is never enough time to

...get your work done

...get the house clean

…make those phone calls...

…make enough money...

...get the rest you need.

There is just never quite enough time.

Well, my solution to this problem is ridiculously simple:

       You're wrong.

        There is enough time.

You actually do have enough time for the things you REALLY need to get done.

And all that stuff that doesn't get done? That's because it doesn't actually NEED to get done (either that, or you're stalling because it's the very thing that needs to get done the most, but we'll get to that another day).

Of course, there are periods of life where the genuine demands on us truly exceed our capacity. In these times, we just do what we can, and call that good enough.

But as my attitude toward money is s-l-o-w-l-y shifting from 'never enough' to 'enough,' so is my attitude toward time.

Because no matter how long my to do list remains at the end of the day, I've almost always had time for the stuff that really matters: caring for myself, playing with my tenderchild, laughing with my husband, feeling warm and safe in my home, creating something I truly care about.

These are the things that matter most, therefore, these are at the top of my priority list every single day.

And sometimes (read: oftentimes) this means that 'call the exterminator' and 'create a pop-up box for website' will just have to wait until next week.

Because next week, or the week after that, or whenever it actually ends up happening, will be just fine.

When something becomes really important, the magic of Perfect Timing conspires to help me get it done right now.

And if it's not happening now, that's fine. It will happen when it needs to happen, or never at all.


But if this is hard to see, have faith.

There are ways to make peace with time & plans & to-do lists.

There are ways to prepare for the future AND live in the present moment.

This is exactly why I am so proud to introduce the...


                                   ...highly customizable...


                                                                          ...truly elegant...


             SOUL PLANNER©
                                   TAKING CARE OF OUR HEARTS AND MINDS
                                  WHILE WE ARRANGE OUR TASKS AND TIME
This planner will contain a plethora of different options so that you can fit it to YOUR needs & YOUR energy levels.

You will be able to plan your year, month, week, and/or day in whatever combination fits YOU best.

If you need to plan simply, in detail or even cyclically, you can find the way that works with YOUR personal style.

It will be perfect to print out and put in your favorite 3-ring binder, adding or subtracting the pages in whichever way YOU like.

This beautiful planner is designed to...

        …focus your energy without squeezing all the breath out of it.

        ...manage all the balls you have up in the air so that you can forget about them and go joyously celebrate the wonders of life.

        …help you get really clear about what you're spending your time on and why.

        ...look so gorgeous that you can't wait to open it up every morning!

        …be used when YOU need it.

        …let you create more balance & presence & joy in your life.

        ...integrate the natural rhythms of life into your modern day demands.

 what YOU need it to be.

So much possibility!


This beautiful planner will be available to you in December.

So, to tide you over until then, here are a few tips for planning with grace and direction:

1.  Your plans should revolve around YOU, not the other way around.

2.  If you have much more on your to-do list than you ever seem able to get done, look through each item closely and ask "Who is this actually important to?"

3.  Sometimes, we just want to plan something because it's exciting to think about. But then, after we get past the planning stage, we begin to see if it's actually worth the follow-through required. It may not be. That's fine.

4.  Planning is both a freedom and a restriction. When we plan well, we are free to work or play without having to store every detail in our brain. But it can also be like making a million tiny commitments at once. If you're like me, and commitment scares the shit out of you, this can be an uncomfortable sensation. Finding peace is about navigating these two sides until we find the balance that works for our specific personality.

5.  As the wonderful Chris Till says, If you reach a point where you have so many options that you don't know which way to go next, STOP: Stick To Original Plan.

I am so excited to get this planner ready for you!! Please let me know if there are aspects of planning you want extra help with!



Whitney Rhiannon Till

Eden Campbell
11/21/2013 09:56:57 pm

Can't wait! Sounds awesome, Whitney!

11/25/2013 10:41:06 am

Thanks so much Eden! I can't wait to see what you think!

11/25/2013 10:36:21 am

I would like to buy the first copy.

11/25/2013 10:41:44 am

Awesome! Thanks Biff!


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