What a TRIP this life is!

When things are hard, life can contain so much that must be processed, that at times, we are unable see the whole picture. We fight the very facts of life, and watch our precious energy drain away before our eyes.

But...when we release...

when we accept the dare of allowing life to be just as it is...

it somehow begins to work better.

It may not necessarily be pretty, but it makes just a tiny bit more sense. We are able to laugh about our own situation a little bit more.

We get better at stepping into the natural flow of things.

When we allow sorrow, loss and grief......it begins to (ever so slowly) magically transform into purpose and reason. When we enter the space where we accept that pain is simply the other side of joy, and loss is inherent in all love, we begin to feel that fleeting sensation that we're actually okay in this world.

The world is not against us.

It just is.

Because there is a distinct difference between struggling and suffering. We will always have struggle, it is built into the very essence of life. But the effort to remove struggle; to ignore, resist, or destroy it, that is when suffering begins wrapping around our minds once again.

We can struggle and learn something, or we can refuse to accept struggle and secret that burden down into our unseen parts.

It is the simplest decision we make, and it is the hardest decision we make.

The best way I've found to do this, the way that has always remained an option, is this:





Over and over and over and over again.

We just keep doing it, moment by moment, throughout every day of our lives.

Then we forget to accept, and we feel the life-sucking chains of denial wrap tightly around us yet again.

Then we remember to breath, and we slowly allow acceptance to melt over us to whatever extent we are able to.

And then we repeat this process: over and over and over again.

This is normal. This is how we do it.

The more we do this, the easier it gets. The more second-nature acceptance becomes.

We just keep reminding ourselves that...

                                                                 ...IT IS ALL OKAY.

All of it.

Every piece of our story. Every segment of our pain. Every confusion and question and worry we feel.


It is simply what is in you right now.

(no biggie)

If it's in you - it's okay. (Really).

Just let it be. Breath. Wait. Do the work you must do. Then breath again. And see what is in you then.




More and more, I see that wholeness is not found by spending all our energy trying to prevent bad things from happening to us.

Wholeness is created by learning how to heal yourself.

Whether it's from heartbreak, trauma, harsh conditioning, prejudice, or any other arrangement of hardship that life is guaranteed to provide each one of us at one point or another.

There could be any ten billion ways to create your inner healing.

Try them all.

Just do them, and see what comes of it. When you find something that works, share it with your friends! If something your friend swears by does nothing for you, SO WHAT?!

We are free to spend our lives healing our own hearts.

(And it is okay if you need an entire lifetime to do it in.)

If you want to know how to do it, there is only one simple equation I have found to date:


Every......single........day. In every way imaginable.

Offer compassion, understanding, forgiveness and grace, every single moment you are able to. There will be moments when you challenge yourself, yes, but they will come from your own authentic drive for change.

Acceptance (of the radical kind) can change everything.

Do for yourself what you would do for a very dear friend. If you are sore, massage. If you are hungry, feed. If you are hurt, comfort. If you are awake, REJOICE!

The love you most crave is only possible when you first allow if from yourself.

Give yourself the acceptance you've always wanted and needed.

Then your heart will be full to the brim and you will be able to give it back out again, in gladness.

Because whether we work to please and obey, or we dare to begin untangling the shackles we've been wrapped up in, the world will still go on. So we may as well choose the way that will free at least one soul.

Take the unimaginable risk of believing that giving tender, loving care to yourself really is the best thing you can do for anyone in this world.
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