I am beginning to suspect that devotion might be my favorite word.

What is your life Devoted to?

I've been asking myself this a lot lately and it keeps circling back to a few key things:

1) My wellness: for a decade now, I have been chasing the promise of mental health, with very good fortune so far. I have much less unidentifiable depression and anxiety these days, though it is still a daily process to follow this constant balance.

2) My marriage: Chris and I were lucky enough to find True Love, and I will spend every day I have with him treasuring and tending to that precious and immense force.

3) Our child: his daily needs are unrelenting, as are his daily wonders. The greatest challenge I have ever given myself is to raise him in an environment of love and safety, and I am beginning to think that I am succeding.

4) My work: it is being expressed right now as Writing, but more so, it is in learning how to follow the call of heart that nudges me to create something new (when I am fortunate enough to be touched by it).

These are my Devotions.

What every moment of every day is deeply about.

I am relieved to see that housework is not on this list, as it so often goes undone.

I am also more than a little dismayed to realize that “Getting my one allowable sweet per day” almost made it on this list. I think about this multiple times each day, to the point that, if I can’t classify it as a devotion, there’s a real possibility that it’s actually an addiction. This is not a pretty insight to have (it’s also not a new one), and it feels very vulnerable to write about here. I will be tender with myself as I take this in.

My word for this year is Love, but I'm actually wondering if Devotion would be a more accurate term to describe my intention.

Because Devotion is the place where Love and Work meet.

Chris Till
2/22/2018 06:31:01 pm

Sweetheart, don't you worry one second about having a sweet tooth. It's fine.


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