12/18 UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who signed up for the SOUL PLANNER©!
We have met and exceeded my goal, so this offer is now closed.
Keep an eye out for the awesome final edition in the future!!
Hey Friends!!

I am so excited to offer you this super special chance to get a FREE copy of my brand-new

                                   ...highly customizable...


                                                                                        ...truly elegant...


             SOUL PLANNER©
                                   TAKING CARE OF OUR HEARTS AND MINDS
                                  WHILE WE ARRANGE OUR TASKS AND TIME

I am almost finished with it, and I LOVE how it's turning out.

So now...I need to know how what YOU think.

I want to make a trade.

I want to give you a FREE copy of my brand new SOUL PLANNER©, in exchange for your feedback.

I'll email you a downloadable PDF, which you can print out, stick in your 3-ring binder (large or small), and play with for a while. Then you can let me know what you love about it, and what could be made even better!

This offer will also include my beautiful 2014 Monthly Calendar for FREE too!!!

To get your free copy, just let me know you're interested via the comment section below or email me at WhitneyRTill [at] gmail [dot] com!

This beautiful planner is designed to...

        …focus your energy without squeezing all the breath out of it.

        ...manage all the balls you have up in the air so you have more time to celebrate the wonders of life.

        …help you get really clear about what you're spending your time on and why.

        ...look so gorgeous that you can't wait to open it up every morning!

        …be used when YOU need it.

        …let you create more balance & presence & joy in your life.

        ...integrate the natural rhythms of life into your modern day demands.

        ...be what YOU need it to be.

It contains so much possibility!

Because there are ways to make peace with time & plans & to-do lists.

There are ways to prepare for the future AND live in the present moment.

This planner contains a plethora of different options so that you can fit it to YOUR needs & YOUR energy levels.

You will be able to plan your year, month, week, and/or day in whatever combination fits YOU best.

If you need to plan simply, in detail or even cyclically, you can find the way that works with YOUR personal style.

To get your free copy, just let me know you're interested via the comment section below or email me at WhitneyRTill [at] gmail [dot] com!


I can't wait to hear what you think!!


12/12/2013 12:59:16 am

I would love a copy of this!! What a gift...

12/12/2013 06:36:32 am

I would love a copy! Sounds fantastic!

12/12/2013 07:14:41 am

love this ~

12/12/2013 12:50:36 pm

I would one!

12/17/2013 04:16:17 am

Hi Rebecca,

I would love to send you a free copy, but I can't figure out which Rebecca this is!

12/12/2013 10:47:20 pm

Dear Melissa, Eden, Theresa and Rebecca-

YIPPIE!!!!! I can't wait to see what you think!

12/14/2013 03:10:43 am

If you are still looking for some help with this awesome planner, I'd love to be of service and check it out :)

12/15/2013 10:36:42 am

I would love to Whitney if the offer is still open!

12/17/2013 09:54:36 am

Please send a Soul Planner. Thanks!

12/18/2013 08:29:33 am

Beth- terrific! I would love to send you one, please just e-mail me at WhitneyRTill [at] gmail [dot] come so I know where to send it:)

12/17/2013 09:38:25 pm

What a lovely idea Whitney. I would love to try it out and give feedback. Thanks so much for doing this.


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